Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eating "Out"

This weekend I didn't spend much time in the kitchen at all.  Chris and I joined a dinner group at our church last year, and a new group rotation just started back up after the holiday break.  The idea for the dinner group is that 4 couples will be put in a group together for 4 months-each couple takes a turn hosting.  After 4 months, the couple are all reshuffled and new groups are assigned.  Chris and I joined because we didn't know anyone at our church when we moved last year and thought it would be a good way to meet a lot of people.  We really enjoyed our group the first time around last year, and then I was out of town when groups were reassigned and missed out.  We've been slow to get back in the loop, but we are now and I was so excited!  We had a really nice time on Friday meeting other church members and enjoying a nice dinner.  Rachel had her first real, non-family member babysitter, but it was someone I knew really well so I wasn't too nervous to leave her.  Thankfully they both had fun and I was able to enjoy the dinner.  It was so nice to have adult conversation!  I LOVE Rachel, but it is nice to talk to someone who can talk back once in a while!  I think that may be one of the hardest things for me as a stay-at-home mom in a town without my immediate family- you just don't get much adult time.  Anyway, we had a lovely time and are looking forward to our turn to host.

Saturday night we went to Chris' cousin's house for dinner.  They have two little ones, and their youngest girl is just a few months older than Rachel so they enjoyed playing together.  They also have an inside puppy; Rachel wasn't too sure what to think about that!  April made excellent Chicken Parmesan, which is one of my favorite things!  And again, we got to visit and have an evening out of the house.

Chris' sister and niece stayed with us Saturday night and we ordered pizza after church this afternoon.  We've been so busy it seems sort of quiet in our house tonight (even though Rachel is still running all around)!

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