Friday, February 24, 2012

Churros: Semi-success

Once upon a time we lived in the wonderful land of Stillwater.  I love Stillwater.  It's where I met Chris, where we had our first apartment (and unfortunately, our second apartment), where Rachel was born, where we went to countless football games, one awesome season of basketball, and I think I went to class somewhere in there, too.  Anyway!  We also went to El Tapatio with one of the best friends of all time, Jerome.  This little tiny Mexican place had good food for cheap (hello poor college students!!) and they also had amazing churros for dessert.  So once again, Chris just says "Why don't we make them?"

I was not very excited about this because I thought it would be pretty difficult.  Turns out, it's really not hard at all! Except for stuffing them with the creme filling.  I had a very hard time with that.  Next time we are going to try a different filling method, and I'll let you all know how that turns out.  For now, here's how it went:

My recipe came from here:
I also used the creme filling recipe listed on that page.  There are LOTS of recipes out there, but this one is great for beginners because it breaks everything down into manageable little steps!

Dough piped onto parchment paper

Frying the churros a few at a time

Roll in cinnamon and sugar

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One churro that I actually got filled without splitting it open

These are very yummy warm and pretty terrible as left-overs, so don't feel bad for eating them in one sitting! And it definitely helps to have an extra pair of hands for the process!

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