Sunday, January 22, 2012


Never underestimate the power of a good dessert.  Last week, after the Packers' devastating loss, Chris was in need of some cheer.  I told him to pick whatever he wanted, and we could make it.  Chris chose tiramisu; now we had tried this once before, and the result was only OK.  This time Chris wanted to try making our own Lady Fingers; he was sure this was the key to better tiramisu.  Last Sunday night we made part I of the dessert, and the cookies turned out great! They don't have much flavor and are extremely soft, so they make awesome kid cookies!  If I were going to make these to eat by themselves, I would probably adjust the recipe to include some flavor (like vanilla extract or something).  Our recipe is from here:
Here's what they looked like:
The recipe made 2 sheets.

I obviously didn't do a very clean job of piping the cookies, but I wasn't really worried about how they looked because they were going inside of the tiramisu.

The next day we embarked on part II of our dessert adventure.  I love the Olive Garden's tiramisu, so I tried to find a copy cat recipe and I think we found a winner!  The original is seen here:  We made a few adjustments:
-Cut back to 2/3 cup sugar
-I used 2 cups mascarpone (because that's all I had...and it was definitely plenty)
-We used our homemade lady fingers
-We tweaked the coffee mixture to include Marsala; 1/3 cup each strong coffe, Kahlua liqueur, and Marsala
This turned out so so well! We will definitely be making this again! It's a little pricey to make because of the marscapone.  I figured we spent about $14 total, but it made a very generous 9 servings (more like 12 or 13) per piece it's not too bad! Here's the finished product!


  1. Wow, that's beautiful! I'm envious that you have the ambition to conquer something so difficult (I only make super easy stuff). I am not even familiar with tiramisu or any of the things in it but I will look it up to see. Pretty!

  2. Thanks guys! I really was impressed with how well this turned out! Leslie, I meant to talk to you and Meg today about blogging. I obviously don't have everything figured out and my layout is in some serious need of help! Oh well, I never claimed to be creative! :)

  3. You can talk to me any time about it - although I don't have much figured out either. In my opinion, blogger is not very user friendly. I do have little tid-bits I've learned along the way from people or from trial-and-error, so feel free to ask anything any time.

  4. BTW.. this was bomb and I miss it already.