Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Pilot

I'm sure almost everyone is familiar with the Ad Council's "Feed the Pig" commercials by now.  Basically, they say to eat at home, make your own coffee, etc in order to save some money.  I actually kind of like these commercials.  It's so easy to eat out because it's convenient, but I often don't actually enjoy it.  So my New Year's resolution this year was to eat out only twice a month (at most); I figure I actually want to eat out every couple of weeks, any more often than that and I just didn't plan my grocery list well enough!  Another big plus to eating at home: Rachel has more freedom.  Rachel doesn't always want to eat exactly when Chris and I do, so she is allowed to play if she's already had dinner (and that is a bit more difficult when she's confined to a restaurant high-chair).  With all this in mind, I am trying to cook a wider range of things.  I enjoy cooking since I am at home all day, but had sort of gotten into a dinner rut.  I thought a blog would be a good way to document what we've had, what turned out well, and most importantly- what to not make again! :) 

I'm sure my posts won't always be about food.  There are lots of other ways to save money, too!  I always shop the sales at the mall, garage sales, etc.  I think Edmond must be the garage sale capitol of Oklahoma!  There are always lots to go to when the weather is nice, and you can almost always find Pottery Barn discards- which is a major score for me since I like a lot of their stuff, but usually not the price tag attached.

I hope this blog is enjoyed by my family and friends.  Happy reading, and happy saving everyone!


  1. Good luck on your blogging adventure - hope you like it! :) Cute name/pilot

  2. Yay!! I just have one request... please do an occasional "easy" recipe for people like me! :)

  3. Hey Mon...I have a great recipe called "one-pot spaghetti" that's super easy to make and clean up's a breeze. Interested?