Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gymboree Sale and Minestrone Soup

I am so excited about the sale Gymboree had this past week.  I got several things last week and earned some GymBucks with my purchase.  I had never used those before, so I didn't get too excited when the lady stapled them to my receipt.  After reading the coupon I got super pumped! If you spent $50, you could $25 off you total, and it didn't exclude sale merchandise! So back to Gymboree I went a few days later when my GymBucks were available for redemption.  I got $161.75 worth of clothing for Rachel for $34.85 (not that I would have ever spent the $161 in the first place...)  Here's a snapshot of her new clothes!

Tonight we had Minestrone for dinner.  It turned out pretty well, although I think I prefer the Pasta Fagioli I've made in the past.  The recipe is very lengthy and it's almost a little girl's bedtime around here, so I think I'll skip typing it all out.  This is what it looked like:

Also, I apparently do not know how to respond to comments because they are not showing up, but thank you to you guys for commenting! :) And to everyone who is following; I think this is going to be fun!

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  1. my favorite thing about this post is that your minestrone is in your WEDDING CHINA! :) i've got to use mine more often. i always said i would... but dangit, i'm a creature of habit!