Thursday, April 26, 2012


Whew!  We have been busy around here, as usual, as everyone is!  I painted my laundry area.  I  went to my parent's for several days while Chris was out of town on a business trip.We all went to Guymon for Chris's youngest brother's Confirmation.  Just when the laundry mayhem was dying down I received an e-mail informing me that Dillard's was taking 30% off the clearance...score!  I was super excited to find a couple of "closet staples" for myself: a black and white sleeveless blouse and a black pencil skirt (which I have been looking for for about 4 years, no exaggeration.)  I also bought a set of 8 Wusthof steak knives for our house for $15!!! Originally these would have cost $120.  Safe to say, this may be my favorite purchase of the day!  And I also bought several items for the growing weeds children in the family. 

During all this hustle bustle, I made pancakes a couple of times.  I had never made pancakes from anything other than a box before I married Chris, and I didn't think this was a problem.  And actually, it isn't.  But! It is so super easy to make them without a mix, and then you don't have yet another cardboard box in your pantry.  Also, the recipe we use (my mother-in-law's) makes very fluffy pancakes and they are oh-so-tasty!  My mom used to put chocolate chips in our pancakes for us from time to time when I was little and I always enjoyed that.  So naturally, I continued to do this with the homemade pancakes.  One Saturday I was sad to discover I was out of chocolate chips, but I did have a few butterscotch left.  Best "mistake" ever!!! Butterscotch have definitely become the favorite pancake embellishment in our house.  You should try it sometime!

I also make some blueberry ones for Christopher
 The recipe makes quite a few, so if you are only making these for 2 people, you could probably cut it in half.  However, we like to have them leftover for easy breakfast for the next few days.  Here it is:

2 c flour
3 tsp baking powder
1/4 c sugar
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
2 c milk
1/3 c vegetable oil

Whisk together dry ingredients.  Beat eggs; stir in milk and oil.  Combine and beat until mostly smooth (batter should still be a bit lumpy).  Cook until underside is golden brown and bubbles appear over surface; flip.  Cook another 1-2 minutes and remove.


  1. I have never made pancakes (?!?!??) and will be trying this recipe soon! Thanks for posting! :)
    Are you on a dillard's email list? I always wonder when they do the extra 30% and never know how to find out. I miss it almost every time!

    1. Leslie, I applied for a Dillard's card about a year ago because they were taking 50% off clearance for cardholders only that particular day. When I did that, I got on their e-mail list and it's so nice because I always know when they are doing good sales! But, if you just go to they have an e-mail sign-up at the very bottom right corner of the page!